Svante Bengton Chanting at the 2016 rope skipping world championchips with a viking helmet on

About Me – Svante Bengtson

I am the founder and sole personnel of Swantzter, with years of experience with open source development, viola playing, singing, and sound mixing I started a company, driven by a never-ending fascination about how things work.

I don't really have any idea what to write in an about me text, so I'll sign off here and leave with you with some contact info below.

Swantzters Logo, an S and a B in a monogram



A swedish company focused on web development, singing, viola playing, sound editing and sound mixing.

RopeScore's logo, a medal with the number one on but with a skipping rope instead of the usual necklace part


Creator; Developer

A scoring system for rope skipping providing you with plenty of customizable options and Live scoring. A simple yet powerful scoring system where you have the power.

the Tricktionary's logo, a rope skipper doing a TJ (tripe jump cross under one leg) on a yellow circle background with red border

the Tricktionary

Web Developer; E-commerce manager

A dictionary full of rope skipping tricks curated by the amazing Dylan Plummer who develops the android app. Doing our best to help you master rope skipping and improve your speed results.

freenode's small logo, an f in light grey and an n in bright green


Staff; Head of Web Development; Prints Designer

An IRC network focused at FOSS and Peer Directed Projects.

Agent Stats' logo, a white arrow pointing upwards on a blue circle

Agent Stats

Community Manager; Web Developer

A website where you can keep track of your Ingress gameplay.