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Svante Bengtson

(Swedish) Swantzter är en enskild firma godkänd för F-skatt och moms som kan hjälpa dig med hemsidor och utveckling av specialiserade webbaserade system, men som även kan sköta ljudteknik och i vissa fall ljus och bild i livesammanhang, jag kan ofta ställa upp som humpare/roddare vid event i nordvästra Skåne.

Swantzter är de som har störst expertis om ljus-, ljud- och bildanläggningen på Tivolihuset, Höganäs och kan sköta tekniken till ditt evenmang där.

(English) Swantzter is a sole proprietor in Sweden who can help you with website development and development of specialised web-based systems and as a live sound technichian and stagehand.

Deep Dives

From time to time I like to dive deep into various subjects. Every now and then I also produce a bloggable summary of my findings that I post here. I try to keep these posts up to date with the hopes that other people that need information on a subject won't have to spend as long researching. My deep dives are supported by web monetization, so if you use a service like Coil you have my gratitude.


I maintain a library for client-side validation and formatting of Swedish bank account numbers called kontonummer. In this deep dive I summarise how Swedish bank account numbers are formatted and what rules they follow.

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Swantzters Logo, an S and a B in a monogram



A swedish company focused on web development, singing, viola playing, sound editing and sound mixing.

RopeScore's logo, a medal with the number one on but with a skipping rope instead of the usual necklace part



A scoring system for rope skipping providing you with plenty of customizable options and Live scoring. A simple yet powerful scoring system where you have the power.

the Tricktionary's logo, a rope skipper doing a TJ (tripe jump cross under one leg) on a yellow circle background with red border

the Tricktionary

Web Developer; E-commerce manager

A dictionary full of rope skipping tricks curated by the amazing Dylan Plummer who develops the android app. Doing our best to help you master rope skipping and improve your speed results.

Libera Chat's logo, a pink twin-peak mountain with purple sun beams behind

Libera Chat


An IRC network focused at FOSS and Peer Directed Projects.

International Jump Rope Union's logo, the letters IJRU where the I represents a rope handle that four colour swooshes goes to the right to represent a rope in motion


Innovation Committee Member; Webmaster

The governing body for the sport of rope skipping / jump rope. I’m involved in the process of revising the competition rules and try to provide feedback on how all pieces fit together and affect another.

Agent Stats' logo, a white arrow pointing upwards on a blue circle

Agent Stats

Community Manager; Web Developer

A website where you can keep track of your Ingress gameplay.

Some Light From Tivolihuset, Höganäs

Beatpunkz the Show v2.0, April 2019. Image 1 of 2 Beatpunkz the Show v2.0, April 2019. Image 2 of 2